I received the key to my success at the Amherst workshop in 2008, when we painted the icon of Emmanuel.

Vladislav said that "Moses received the Law etched on a stone.  When a person is born, God's Providence is known.  It is etched on our soul.  People can run away from Divine Providence but it is etched and cannot go away.  It is important to open, find and discover our talent and destiny and to fulfill it.  We need to discover God's Will for us."

This was when I realized that I don't have to go around wondering what I will do with the rest of my life!  God knows and God will provide.  I need to stay connected to God and just follow Him.  Thank you, Vladislav!

First of all, I would like to thank my teachers who have been very kind, patient and forgiving.  My first workshop was with Dmitri Andreyev.  We started with the Archangel Michael. 

My second workshop was with his father, Vladislav Andrejev and his son, Nikita.  This time I wrote the icon of St. John the Baptist. 

After taking these two workshops, I became on fire with love for Iconography and attended 12 workshops with Vladislav and 11 with Dmitri.  Dmitri lives in Vermont, just across the lake from me and so I have been very fortunate to attend his weekly classes at his Brookfield Studio, as well as weekly classes held at St. Michael's College in Colchester, Vermont.   

I know I will never be a "Master Iconographer" like they are, but I enjoy the process and the journey into this mystical land where God worked His many miracles and opened the doors for all of us. 

The Prosopon School continues to give workshops all over the world.  Anyone interested in trying this, please visit their website:  www.prosoponschool.org 

Also, the school has many talented students and teachers.  I recommend this website.  www.christinedaunis.com